Dementia Daughter.

That’s me and it might be you, too.

For thirteen years I’ve watched my dad decline and my mom, his caregiver, cope and search for answers.

We’ll explore together.

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Regular Medication Checks

Diagnosis: Vascular Dementia morphed into Alzheimer’s disease combo Recently my father was admitted to hospice inpatient for a fall he took down the stairs. We spent 2 weeks changing medications around to try to keep him comfortable and calm. The good news: NOTHING was broken. He recovered and was finally able to move back homeContinue reading “Regular Medication Checks”

Hospice Can Help You

Many people believe that hospice is only reserved for those with only a short time to live, like less than a month. Hospice is brought in for emergency care by the hospitals or doctors often when there is a terminal issue, but it is so much more than that. It actually is for people withContinue reading “Hospice Can Help You”


I was helping my mom brainstorm ideas to keep my dad busy. Here are a few we came up with that he could still do that he might enjoy. It was hard to create a very long list as we know what he used to like to do, but couldn’t think of a way toContinue reading “Activities”

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