I am a daughter.

I am a caregiver.

I am a helper.

I am a Certified
Dementia Practitioner.

I want to help.

I want to share my experiences with my own family’s dementia journey, my professional knowledge, and reflections on what I have learned and am still learning.


  • When is the Right Time to Move Parents into Assisted Living?

    If you are lucky, your parents will know when the time is right on their own and seek your assistance to find one that suits their lifestyle and finances. They will see their daily living gets harder. Maybe one parent is caring for the other and the caregiver’s health is declining. Falls could be happening…

  • UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and the Brain Health Academy

    UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and the Brain Health Academy

    I learned today about a new intitiative named the Brain Health Academy (BHA) designed to “equip health care providers and wellness professionals with the knowledge and resources to help people reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and related dementias,” according to an article from HomeCare Magazine. This is important to draw more attention to the growing…

  • Proud Father, Proud Daughter

    Proud Father, Proud Daughter

    Dad passed away in December after a very long battle with vascular dementia at 92 years old. I am finally ready to tell you about him now. I have counseled people on dementia, the loss of a loved one, the grieving process, what to expect, telling them it was okay to feel all the emotions…


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