UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and the Brain Health Academy

I learned today about a new intitiative named the Brain Health Academy (BHA) designed to “equip health care providers and wellness professionals with the knowledge and resources to help people reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and related dementias,” according to an article from HomeCare Magazine. This is important to draw more attention to the growing […]

Proud Father, Proud Daughter

Dad passed away in December after a very long battle with vascular dementia at 92 years old. I am finally ready to tell you about him now. I have counseled people on dementia, the loss of a loved one, the grieving process, what to expect, telling them it was okay to feel all the emotions […]

Comforting Animals when a real pet is not practical

Joy for All Companion Pets can be a comforting solution to your loved one’s agitation and loneliness. I saw this in action with a freind of mine who’s mother instantly connected with the animated robotic therapy dog she received. She stroked it, talked to it, brushed it and enjoyed its barking and facial expressions and […]

Regular Medication Checks

Diagnosis: Vascular Dementia morphed into Alzheimer’s disease combo Recently my father was admitted to hospice inpatient for a fall he took down the stairs. We spent 2 weeks changing medications around to try to keep him comfortable and calm. The good news: NOTHING was broken. He recovered and was finally able to move back home […]

Hospice Can Help You

Many people believe that hospice is only reserved for those with only a short time to live, like less than a month. Hospice is brought in for emergency care by the hospitals or doctors often when there is a terminal issue, but it is so much more than that. It actually is for people with […]


I was helping my mom brainstorm ideas to keep my dad busy. Here are a few we came up with that he could still do that he might enjoy. It was hard to create a very long list as we know what he used to like to do, but couldn’t think of a way to […]

I am doing the best I can.

These seven words have been swimming around in my head for weeks. I have put off writing about it, not because I didn’t have time, but because I couldn’t decide how these seven words made me feel. My dad uttered these words slowly and purposely. Too much was expected of him and instead of getting […]

No Reason to Fear the Person with Dementia

What do I say to someone with Dementia? Will they understand me? What if I say the wrong thing? How should I start a conversation with someone with dementia? What if I get uncomfortable or run out of things to say? Why am I afraid to go visit? These are all good questions, but guess […]

Resources for Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers

While there are resources for those with dementia, it can be daunting to access them. Many places have had to go online or virtual for their care consultations and often in person meetings are unavailable. This can certainly create issues for those without internet access or ability to navigate complex websites. Below I’ll share a […]


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