Comforting Animals when a real pet is not practical

Joy for All Companion Pets can be a comforting solution to your loved one’s agitation and loneliness. I saw this in action with a freind of mine who’s mother instantly connected with the animated robotic therapy dog she received. She stroked it, talked to it, brushed it and enjoyed its barking and facial expressions and gave her something to care for while she was being cared for by her daughter.

These robotic cats and dogs come in various colors and patterns to help bring back memories and help them feel useful again. It is great for nursing homes, home care and can bring a great deal of joy.

These are not the inexpensive toys our kids may have played with, though. These are nearly $125, but if you are looking for a long lasting gift that keeps giving, this may be the answer. I had the pleasure of having one of these in my office (the Golden Pup) while I worked at the Alzheimer’s Association. I can vouch for the quality. It gathers information about your loved one to influence behavior. It responsds to petting and sounds and when not in use goes to sleep (even snores). The eyes open and close and sits up, rolls over and wags its tail. I can certainly see how it brings so much joy.

You can find these online and the website is or can be found on Amazon at the JOY FOR ALL STORE on Amazon and read reviews about this innovative and comforting product! You can also find these on Walmart, at the ALZ Store.

Published by Lmika

I'm a mom, daughter, almost a wife for the second time, watching my dad decline with dementia for thirteen years and my mom alongside him, his caregiver, as she copes with changes and challenges.

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