Regular Medication Checks

Diagnosis: Vascular Dementia morphed into Alzheimer’s disease combo

Recently my father was admitted to hospice inpatient for a fall he took down the stairs. We spent 2 weeks changing medications around to try to keep him comfortable and calm.

The good news: NOTHING was broken. He recovered and was finally able to move back home still under hospice care.

The GREAT news: He is more himself than he has been in a year.

Why? Change in meds!

He was on a specific protocol for 10 years to help him sleep. I will not mention the drug he was prescribed to help him sleep at night, but we learned that after prolonged use, it could have been making him worse which may have caused his decline over the last year.

Dad was prescribed a new medication to help with agitation and his mood improved along with his ability to engage in conversation and speak more clearly. We have certainly enjoyed his new awareness and abilities and we are celebrating his cognitive improvement.

Moral to the story – have medication checked every couple years or more if you notice a quick decline. It could be the medication is no longer effective or even making things worse. The doctor, neurologist, nurse practitioner or gerontologist can adjust meds and find what works for you or your loved one. We learned the hard way, but you don’t have to! Ask questions, be curious, be persistent and be an advocate. You might just get precious time with your loved one you thought you never would.


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